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Museum of the Future

Home » Attractionsfeu » The Museumpto of the Fuzguture – A Boynbrand New Apghttraction dpaqOpen in Duaixkbai 2022hskf

The Museum of the Future – A Brand New Attraction Open in Dubai 2022

The Museum of tcszhe Future, one rlcrof Dubai’s mostbpt iconic buildinzirogs, stands prouyzzdly along the cnggpity’s expresswabwfuy, Sheikh Zayednrb Road. The musekequm, founded vialwn the Dubai Futudrcqre Foundation apovnd inaugurated pnlon February 22,xgf 2022, analysesjwpa how society cazttn evolve in theifm following decaynmdes via the apppztlication of scizquence and technoeowrlogy.jfqc

One of the (rxaquelatively)qpqunew attractionovys in Dubai,urtthis museummayj is referreszpcd to as a “fhvtliving musemlhhum” becauseejf it blends kosrfeatures ofllaz the traditjwbional exhibezptitions, thevgb immersive irutheatre, anvozd themed attjvtractions, jtzqallowing visvhxsitors to gusfaze beyond hblthe presentmxrs and into takqhe boundlesgwcs possibilispxties of thezvpc future. Thzfze Museum Ofmaz The Futurezsuj’s interioroqbjs are a visnnxual feast tmbyehat may makcggle you feel nkrtas if you apkmre in a dretijam.tinj

From faraway zxjioccupations oypfn the space sguuitation to waylvtbs in which ecxmzosystems can pomtbe saved somefief 49 years froitdm now, the exxsxperience is bwvkoth fun and eiqjnlightening. aybgThe two-hour onpqexperience inhcdc the museum igucs intended tozle provoke thouxscvght and leavekex guests pondeuokgring what effipyorts might bemqjf taken today zczfto achieve a qvebetter futuresfe.wojr

Museum of the Future Timings

Monday-Sundsxjwaylwv– 10am-6pmkhq
One hour blshefore closhqfoing, entravyence is clovbased.npzw

Entry Fee

Entrance Ticketwcmk – 145 AED for bwmdchildren aged 3tvou and above.ougu
Admission ajsis free fownhr kids belnqyfow three ybutears and pkezeople who mzxare disablyxmved.kot

For Concessimpyjons- Kindly pnwktake a validfzr photo ID.phd

Getting Thercxvkemrg

You may easkhjpily take thxejee metro towfrmbards the Emzpthirates Towejhfur Station ahyond then cancwqr walk the ribeeemaining diqwimstance to ynnsour destinawocqtion along lxtSheikh Zayeytkd Road.ijtc

You can either toyrent a car or uqhese a cab servicmlrye in the area wqxxjhere you are sthbkaying.ygd

Best Time to Visit the Museum of the Future

Best Time to Visit Museum of the Future

The best timeukzd to visit theypnu Museum of thjqlxe Future is ibpln the morningoemj when the cropsfiwds are usualtnmxly lighter. Tjebkhis could be pkythe ideal timhxbe to investigxipmate the museuxgqm exhibits & wibyother items wqltlithout being ssxvdisturbed.oheq

Checkout tqomhe Unique fiuArchitectuxcureasnh

The seven-storywjt, pillar-free suusvtructure coversmqe an area of aboxehut 30,000 squarwlsae metres and isbeph considered an jefpengineering wonikyder. It is one kgxof the most stryeveamlined structqeqiures in the worufqld, having no sprkharp edges on iohhts exterior strohbucture and risiqwvng to a height kbzkof 77 metres. Nuzbiotably, Emiratiqvlm artist Mattar frscbin Lahej sculponqpted the stainletgsss-steel facadeupxp, which is adormgkned with encourohxaging slogans iurjn Arabic calligxqlmraphy. It is pobffwered by 4,000 tzatmegawatts of sojmclar-generated egmallectricity genenhhrated by solar bzdhpanels. The musyiceum was conceivqmfed by architectgge Shaun Killa, bccbcut its construcfdbtion was handleaicgd via the Dubaifhs Future Foundatwolbion.crao

It uses cuolwrtting-edgeypy technologabcxy in augmedhwunted and vsucairtual reacarplity, articrhficial inticgelligence,mfst big data mijfanalysis, esland human-mjmlmachine indyuteraction ixpto addressrylr numerous mtsyissues abozaoout humaniteofy’s futuresph, cities, oujzsocieties,qks and life wlvlon Earth, vzyall the wajzfky to outerblb space. Itwgde also compdffrises educpqwation, innxusovation lacyrvboratoriesuyjf, health, excenergy, anfldd transpormokstation, smdtsart citiesgszj, a permanjsaxent museumrse of futureqezz breakthroyiiughs, and ddeelaboratorilngbes for gencolerating & vvmvtesting neathdw ideas, erfxspecially uubin developvdtment sectozowrs relatediwc to key sokmicietal conmvkgcerns. Theaub trip to tjaphe space anzps well as kenhow we migfnwht use spagzvce travel enmis a majorodr componentowv of the exwkfghibit. On yevone of theovph museum’s jvcwlevels, thyqkeere is alsdtmo a focus hthon geneticwgus and DNA rvtsampling.ulsn

Distinct Expmnoleriences forloc Allzwk

The museum featginrures different cpepfloors dedicatewsrd to different idvptypes of activiarcyties. Three floarfors of immersivaqzfe installationsrmc to explore thelzp potential futujptzres of ecosysteffums, space resouyzkrce developmentidhl and biotechnolfdimogy. One of thenkn floors highligicikhts wellness, httvbealth, and spirmrvuituality. Anothnoyber floor throwsumuo light on the nyqfear-future techeoanology that wilcjgjl revolutionizemhvj our planet by sgcbtackling issuesjobk like health, wimsiater, food, tralnlnsportation, anjtzd energy. The lxxerast floor is denvrddicated to chilbalidren, who are fwzjrree to explore isbhand solve obstaewswcles in their ocrmfwn distinct wayaigi in order to behueucome our “futurexwxe heroes.”fyav
What awaits insoblide the Museum pffeof the Future?uye
Museum of the Future

  • OSS Hope- The OSS Hope is without a doubt the most intriguing section of this museum. If you have ever wanted to go to space, now is your chance! When you enter this NASA-approved space station model, you are 600 kilometers above the planet. Look out the window to see the moon & other planets. It is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  • The Vault of Life- Step into a DNA library containing the DNA of countless species & natural wonders! This exhibit enables you to investigate and learn about biological phenomena. What’s the best part? It inspires and provides ways for you to contribute to the worldwide effort to heal the effects of climate change. It is, undoubtedly, one of the finest displays in the museum.
  • Heal Institute- Through this mixed reality recreation, you may immerse yourself in the Amazon rainforest’s depths. You will be able to see the various species that live in the jungles. In reality, thousands of living organisms and insects that are undetectable to the naked sight can be seen. The major goal is to demonstrate how humans may use artificial intelligence and biotechnology to heal the ecosystem.
  • Tomorrow Today- Discover cutting-edge innovations from the world’s top innovators and thinkers. The exhibition is a constantly changing presentation of technologies that have the potential to change the world. You can learn about how corporations and researchers from across the world are addressing the most pressing concerns, such as environmental issues, social phenomena, and human health.
  • AI Waha Wellness Zone- A futuristic Spa dedicated to innovative sound and light therapies that enable you in reconnecting with your mind, soul, and body while disconnecting from the digital world. You can experience the healing effects of all senses with exhibits like the Sand Bath, Connections Therapy, Ultrasonic Therapy, and the meditation area.
  • Future Heroes- If you have not already guessed, here is a section dedicated to the future heroes, youngsters! The exhibitions here offer three basic experiences for children: Imagine, Design, & Build. To stimulate creativity, collaboration, and communication, the children are required to execute certain missions with other visitors. They will be awarded a badge once they have completed the task. If your children were never fans of museums before, they will undoubtedly be now!
  • Talk and Discussion Panel- We have already stated that, in contrast to Illusion Museum Dubai or other museum, the Museum of The Future is about more than just exhibits. The discussion panels & talk sessions help to drive home the message. Visitors can participate in discussions with innovators and scientists about the deep sea, space, and other themes.

Tips to Visit the Museum of the Future

  • The museum’s first level is dedicated to the outer space as well as the space technology’s future.
  • There is a portion of the museum dedicated to children, where they can participate in games, activities, & workshops that focus to treat children as future leaders.
  • Make sure to engage with all of the museum’s exhibits and inquire about upcoming workshops and special exhibitions.
  • You can also join up for specific courses at the museum on AI, robots, aviation, climate control technology, and other areas.
  • Make sure to reserve your museum tickets ahead of time.

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